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Japanese Business

Japan is the 2nd largest market in the world consisting of 125 million consumers with high levels of household income. Due to the high savings rates, Japanese consumers are moving away from the mass-consumption lifestyle to the one which places greater importance on nourishing the life of the individual. Japanese consumers have become very selective of what they buy and are willing to spend more for high quality products and services.
Currently, many segments of the economy in Japan are undergoing deregulation. In the information and telecommunications fields, the wall separating the domestic and foreign telecommunications market has been abolished, and regulations which reserved the telecommunications market and restricted the activities of foreign capital firms have been repealed.
Foreign investors who have outstanding business resources and are thriving to improve competitiveness will find an abundance of opportunities in investing in the Japanese market, especially in high-tech industries. We hope that bringing in new ideas, technologies and management methods from foreign corporations will revitalize the economy.